Biography I was born in Oslo in 1965. I have …


I was born in Oslo in 1965. I have had a troubled and traumatic past that resulted in loss of confidence to the establishment.  I left the established society, but after some years on the “edge”, I started to form my experiences as artistic expressions.  I soon felt the need to gain more knowledge on both a procedural level and within philosophy of art. This search for knowledge resulted in a decade of art studies.

Artist Statement

 I work with contradictions related to ideologies and norms. Together with focus on social contradictions I challenge taboos related to our way of life, our faith and our roles. I seek out to visualize the spaces that are formed as inner thoughts and ideologies meet the outer world. Each of his photographs contains dualisms’, always showing a game between concrete reality and abstract thoughts.

Process Statement

I work with Instant films, where I always combine elements beyond my control together with the motifs I have consciously chosen. The surroundings I choose for my photography have always a meaning for what I express, and their contributions are not only on an ideological level, but on a concrete one as well. By pressing the films onto the photographed subject, a chemical process forms by particles from the photographed, blending with and affecting the films’ emulsion.