(2016 -)

In this series I make a deep investigation in the origin of the uncensored thoughts. Instead of trying to interpret glimpses and fragments of ones repressed memories, I undertake the feeling this gives. Here I process the fragmented thoughts and glimpses of somebody’s past with a minimum of interpretation, but leave it to the viewer to find their interpretations of the final image. The images begin as a visual language to fill the gaps between both the subconscious and conscious thoughts, and the reality.


Some stories are hard to tell, hard to understand – even for the storyteller. Often this stories are quiet down, held away for a possible listener, just because the pain. These stories often miss wholeness, and only consist of twisted fragments.  Fragments as pieces in a puzzle you don’t know how will end, if there is an ending at all.  Some will maybe advice one to let it all be, let the pieces in the puzzle be absorbed of the ocean of time, hope this ocean will wash away the pictures.  Hope that it doesn’t make you feel fragmented and left behind.